AJProTech at TechCrunch Space in Los Angeles

AJProTech at TechCrunch Space in Los Angeles

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Innovative. Futuristic. Inspiring!

On December 6, AJProTech – IoT product design team attended the TechCrunch Space conference in Los Angeles.

The space theme has been stirring the minds of millions for decades, and it seems like the time has come for practical steps for the whole industry! Although the venture capital market in the space industry is at an initial stage, substantial growth is expected this decade.

Top trends in Space:- Biotechnological experiments in space

  • Space tourism, including commercial Space Station
  • Unified satellite standard
  • A lunar base for space weapons against satellites
  • Moving data centers and servers powered by solar energy into space.
  • New cooling systems for electronics in a vacuum, including using microgravity
  • Software solutions, including operations systems for aircrafts

Key takeaway: Most companies will rely heavily on government funding, at least for the first 10 years. NASA and aerospace enterprises call for innovation and propose many grants and programs.It’s a great time to create. Space is closer than ever before!

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