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AJProTech provides comprehensive semiconductor design services, including RTL design, design verification, physical design, and analog layout. Our team of engineers has a wealth of experience in addressing intricate design challenges with advanced technologies. Our proven flows and methodologies, as well as expertise in leading EDA tools, ensure successful RTL-to-GDSII services.

Processor Architecture Design

Development of a processor architecture that optimally fits your hardware and software requirements. ARM and RISC-V cores with various extensions, DSPs, custom programmable logic and more.

  • RTL (Verilog, System Verilog)
  • Processor Skills
  • Processor Architecture Design:

    - General purpose
    - Application specific DSP/codecibil stream
    - Processor extensions: FPU/MPU/ cache/AMBA
    - Multi-core processor design experience (up to 64 cores)

  • ARM A5
  • RISC-V core high-speed, 12 stage, 2-8 cores
  • Proprietary, big data
  • Special Skills:

    - Embedded FPGA, proprietary programmable logic experience
    - DDR4/3/2/1, PCle 3/2/1, USB3/2/1, SATA3/2/1, architecture, PCS

  • Testing Skills:

    - RTL testbench, including OVWUVM
    - FPGA
    - C/C++

Proprietary MCU design

Design and development of proprietary microcontrollers for your embedded applications. Full software stack customization.

  • Proprietary MCU core (Cortex-M3 level)
  • Information security IC design: common criteria EAL 4/5/5+
  • Including software design

    - SDK
    - Compiler development GCC C/C++
    - Processor ISA/compiler testing
    - OS porting: Linux, freeRTOS. proprietary
    - Test program development, bootloader, firmware libraries

  • Including FPGA design and prototyping

Back-End Design Service

Translation of the logical design of your ASIC to its physical implementation.

  • Logical and physical synthesis and optimization
  • Floorplanning, Place and Route, Clock tree synthesis
  • Timing signoff
  • Power signoff, IR drop
  • Physical verification
  • Logical equivalence check
  • Hierarchical flow (Block/Top level implementation)
  • Low power designs(CPF)
  • Analog macro integration, DDR, USB, Ethernet, SATA, PCle
  • Flip-chip and wire-bond designs
  • DRC/LVS script writing
  • PDK/FDK development
  • Standard cell, Standard IO, memory compiler development

Analog design

Development and testing of Analog circuits.

  • ADC 12bit 1msps, DAC, LDO, PSU. NBIOTAFE

    - Includes analog layout group
    - IP porting experience: DDR3, PCle
    gen3, USB3

Support services

Providing legal coverage, marketing and logistics channels.

  • Datasheet writing
  • Legal coverage
  • Logistics
  • Marketing and IC sales channels

Our advantages

With our R&D office in Taiwan, we are able to offer our customers the highest quality products and services. Being equipped with the latest in semiconductor technology, enabling us to design and develop the most advanced products possible, we know how to launch chips into production at the TSMC plant. Our expertise in systems engineering enables us to provide extra value to our customers' designs.

R&D in Taiwan

Stay at the forefront of the industry and produce high-quality, competitively-priced advanced semiconductors.

Advanced Technology

We use the latest technology, providing the highest quality products with the most innovative solutions to ensure our customers are always satisfied.

TSMC production

Access to all available TSMC agreements and technologies.

Professional engineers

Diverse range of technical abilities, creative problem-solving, and a global perspective.

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