Hardware engineering

Whether you need PCB design, IoT gadget, or a full-scale consumer device, our hardware team will take you from concept to a mass production

Hardware development process

We design robust and reliable electronics products using proven design process
  • Technology research and Components selection
  • Schematics design
  • PCB layout
  • Embedded firmware
  • PCBA Prototyping and samples bring u
  • Engineering Validation samples (EVT)
  • Design Validation with Contract Manufacturter (DVT)
  • Production Validation (PVT) and start of Mass Production
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We create hardware products that consumer love. While keeping final product cost in mind, we design feature-rich hardrware with Over-the-Air Firmware updates

  • IoT devices - connected products with wireless interfaces
  • Wearables - fitness trackers, smart watches, headphones
  • Consumer Electronics - electric skateboards, appliances
  • AR / VR - custom Augmented and Virtual Reality hardware
  • Medical devices - Hospital tools, eHealth devices

We work with all major wireless interfaces

  • Bluetooth / BLE - Best for battery-powered devices
  • WiFi - best for stationary wall-powered applications
  • 3G / 4G / LTE - for standalone devices
  • LORA & LoraWAN - for long range applications

Electronics for industrial applications are subject to harsh envioronmental conditions. We design robust hardware to deal with most demanding conditions.

  • High Voltage systems AC/DC
  • Battery Management Systems (BMS)
  • Power Supplies design (SMPS)
  • Electric Vehicles: Battery chargers, Motor drivers
  • Robotics: servo motor drivers, actuators

PCB design is foundation of every system. With over 300 PCBs designed, prototyped, and validated, we have a lot of know how to share.

  • Altium Designer is our primary IDE
  • We design PCBAs with 2-16 layers
  • For most complex boards we use Mentor Xpedition (e.g. Motherboards)
  • We work with all major PCB manufactuters and know how to get PCBA prototyped fast.

Microcontrollers are “brains” of your product. Whether you need low-power controller or advanced Nvidia Jetson, we have already used those before.

  • C++ code is stored in out Git repository
  • All code is ready for Over-the-Air Firmware updates
  • We work with all major MCUs: TI, STM32, ESP32, NXP, Atmel

FPGA design:

  • Altera & Xilinx FPGA and SoC
  • RTL design: Verilog, VHDL

NVIDIA Jetson:

  • Jetson Nano, Jetson Xavier


Examples of Hardware engineering work

Electrical Engineers at AJProTech are experts in IoT Hardware development. We have a proven process designing consumers electronics products. Starting with system architecture and components selection, we reliably produce future-proof and cost-effective electrical designs and PCBs. Our Design for Manufacturing experience helps covering the entire hardware product development - from early prototypes to mass production in few sprints / iterations.


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