While hardware must be done right the first time, software must be versatile and updatable. We build future-proof embedded software with Over-the-Air update capability

Software engineering

  • Prepare Software Requirements Document
  • Select Software stack and frameworks
  • MVP - Develop and test core features
  • Develop OTA Software update routines
  • Internal alpha release. Functionality test
  • Public Beta release. QA testing
  • Continuous support and new releases

Microcontrollers are “brains” of your product. Whether you need low-power controller or advanced Nvidia Jetson, we have already used those before.

  • C++ code is stored in out Git repository
  • All code is ready for Over-the-Air Firmware updates
  • We work with all major MCUs: TI, STM32, ESP32, NXP, Atmel

FPGA design:

  • Altera & Xilinx FPGA and SoC
  • RTL design: Verilog, VHDL

NVIDIA Jetson:

  • Jetson Nano, Jetson Xavier

Majority of low-power devices are programmed with bare-metal code or RTOS like FreeRTOS.
Advanced devices with cameras, Digital Signal Processing, Memory interfaces use Linux.
Our software engineers are advanced Linux users and can create systems around it.

  • Python, Rust
  • Linux Kernel
  • Linux Driver development

Consumers expect new features and bug fixes for their products. Think of Tesla that updates its’ software or iPhone getting new iOS version over night. We design firmware in a way that it can be future-proof

  • OTA firmware update over BLE using Mobile App
  • OTA firmware update over WiFi
  • USB Firmware update

Backend is core for every IoT System. Our engineers know to build scalable and robust databases, set secure permissions, and launch backend for new products

  • Python
  • Javascript
  • Django
  • Databases
  • CI / CD
  • Cache, messaging brokers

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