AJProTech receives “Service of the Year” Award in Las Vegas

AJProTech receives “Service of the Year” Award in Las Vegas

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June 8, 2022, Las Vegas.

We are proud to announce that AJProTech received Service of the Year Award as TOP-3 Product Development Company at Embedded Technology Convention among other 200+ exhibitors.


This award is for manufacturers or businesses that provide the best type of service. From design to disposal solutions, a certain aspect of a business is rated excellent by clients and makes their experience with the company something worth repeating.

Here at AJProTech, we are offering one-stop Product Development for new IoT and Consumer Electronics products.

AJProTech team lives by 3 core principles. We operate like a RACE CAR TEAM:

We DESIGN, BUILD and LAUNCH new products so our clients get to market first.

  1. ONE-STOP SOLUTION. In a race car, all systems must work in unison. We cover Hardware development, Mechanical design, Mobile / Web software, Prototyping, and Component Sourcing.
  2. FAST. Product development is a race: who gets to market first? We bring to the table our experience with 50+ projects, industrial connections, and fully equipped manufacturing facilities to prototype products FAST.
  3. MANUFACTURER-AGNOSTIC. Majority of Product Development teams tie their customers to affiliated manufacturers. Client dependency on a single factory might become a bottleneck in their growth. Our designs can be produced at any factory. We are happy to recommend proven ones but clients always have a final say.


AJPROTECH exhibition stand

Consumer electronics is a very competitive and fast-paced industry. When clients come up with new product ideas, they have only a narrow window of opportunity before corporations and massive Asian competitors present their own products.


  • We handle all aspects of product development: Electrical, Mechanical, Software
  • We create prototypes and manage all vendors and suppliers
  • We leverage our supply chain connections to optimize cost
  • We work FAST and deliver new products to market in 12-15 months.

The best part is our guarantee of PRICE and QUALITY. Once the contract is signed, our clients are confident they will get their product with predictable ROI.

AJPROTECH Certificate

When we started AJProTech in 2014, the vast majority of product development teams focused on a narrow service offering, e.g. Industrial Design, Software Development, or Contract Manufacturing. Nobody wanted to learn new competencies – they just asked their clients to source out the rest. AJProTech started the movement of offering complete support for new product development.

Another monumental shift we created is the transition from Time / Retainer pricing model to the Fixed price. We take time to learn customer needs, create detailed specifications, and prepare a detailed product roadmap. We pioneered the “Feasibility Study” approach when the design team partners with the client for a short-term exploration phase and then transitions to a fixed-term approach.

We always worked as an extended team for our clients. And we are honored to see the rest of the industry following our path and sharing our values.

Are you ready to start your project with one of the leaders in the Product Development field? Contact us to discuss your project!

AJProTech team.


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