CES 2023 recap

CES 2023 recap

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CES 2023 recap


This year’s Consumer Electronics Show exceeded the most optimistic expectations!

More than 3200 exhibitors from almost 150 countries came to the Las Vegas event this time. The number of participants grew 70% over 2022 with nearly 120 000 attendees. We are cautiously optimistic about the industry recovering from venture capital slowdown and semiconductor shortage!

For the first time in its history, CES had a theme that was focused on Human Security for All. It was also the first time when the show had a dedicated metaverse area on its floor, highlighting the importance of the growing trend of immersive digital experience.

An annual highlight of CES was the Startup Area in Eureka Park, which hosted around 1000 startups this year. This year’s CES was excellent for us, bringing us hundreds of new visitors and numerous future customers. AJProTech had a booth in the startup area in Eureka Park, where we showcased our latest products and solutions in consumer electronics made for our clients. All the guests were able to interact with our products, and learn more about the company and our opportunities.

Now, it’s time to evaluate the first results.

Check the 5 tech CES takeaways from AJProTech:


1. Small devices become more autonomous and intelligent

Edge computing is trendy this year! If recently device operations without internet access were limited, now they are becoming much more varied. It’s called edge processing – when you can do more on the device and make it more intelligent without an internet connection. For example, your device can analyze image data or do voice recognition without internet access. It sounds like a dream but CES shows that it’s absolutely possible.


2. More smart technologies for the sport industry

Do you remember that Adidas presented a Smart Soccer ball at the World Cup? Sports technologies always get a lot of attention at CES. Smart racket, smart ball, and smart basketball get upgrades this year.

We are proud to co-create the world’s first smart basketball hoop called Huupe, which has a TV for the backward and cameras for analyzing makes and misses.


3. Wearables and sensors for digital health

We are still very early in the adoption of wearable devices, but one of the areas where wearables can bring the biggest value is digital health. Sensors can analyze your activity such as heart rate, steps, your vitals, or do some analysis and send it to your doctor. No doubt, the development of this area will be very beneficial for consumers next decade.


4. Off-the-shelf devices adopt Virtual Reality 

A lot of companies presented accessories for AR/VR, such as haptic feedback devices or new controllers, which extend and augment the functionality of existing Oculus and other controllers.

For example, this year we can see a system of motion capturing for tracking in sports training, and sure that it’s not the end!


5. Service robots occupy more space in the life of modern human

Robotics has been trending for a decade but in the last couple of years, we see the adoption of technologies that can be accessible for electric vehicles that are driven by small robots. It means that robots can navigate delivery couriers, clean your house, or even prepare food for you. A lot of innovations in robotics come in with improvements in computer vision and again, edge processing. This is a big step up from the previous year.

AJProTech is a Product Developments studio with deep expertise in Consumer Electronics, SportsTech, Digital Health, and more.


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