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AJProTech Wins the Good Design Award

By | Jan 26, 2024 | Categories: Events, VR/AR |

In a momentous triumph, AJProTech has emerged as the distinguished recipient of the prestigious Good Design Award – the pinnacle of design excellence. Astoundingly innovative, AJProTech’s creation, SceneKey, was meticulously crafted and engineered exclusively for the esteemed Meloscene. AJProTech is proud to earn this prestigious honor for the revolutionary design of their platform that brings the immersive experience of performing and recording music to life in Virtual Reality. With this device, musicians can now step into a new dimension of creativity and fully express their artistic vision.

Showcased amidst the boundless energy of CES 2023, this groundbreaking device captivated and enthralled all who witnessed its debut. AJProTech’s limitless vision and unwavering commitment to innovation continue to solidify their prominent position within the industry.

The SceneKey made its debut on a globally renowned stage as it graced the airwaves of BBC. In an exclusive interview, Chad Gerber, the visionary behind this extraordinary device, shared captivating insights into its innovative features and groundbreaking design. The interview resonated with audiences worldwide, igniting a profound curiosity about the Meloscene SceneKey.

AJProTech Wins the Good Design Award

The Good Design Award recognizes the unparalleled innovation and impact of AJProTech’s platform in the world of music and design. This is the second time AJProTech has been recognized at the highest level for the extraordinary IoT solution, Meloscene Scenekey. Once again, this groundbreaking platform has left an indelible mark on the industry, showcasing its unparalleled innovation and transformative nature.

AJProTech Wins the Good Design Award
Photo: Chad Gerber, COO Meloscene

Imagine stepping into a virtual studio where boundaries disappear and the art of performing music takes on a whole new form. Scenekey transports musicians to a world where they can collaborate with other artists, experiment, and create without limitations. It’s a truly transformative experience that opens up a world of possibilities.

AJProTech remains committed to pushing the boundaries of design and functionality, continuously striving to create innovative solutions that empower and inspire. The team’s passion is palpable, and their dedication to delivering exceptional products that revolutionize industries is unwavering.

AJProTech Wins the Good Design Award

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