Patterns in human behaviour decide what business will be in demand next. 

So it’s important to consider…

  • What people will stop doing
  • What trends people are following now, that will explode in the future
  •  What new consumer patterns will appear

One trend that is increasingly popular is the automation of common processes. 

Common processes like...

  1. Remote work tools—Productivity tools for remote teams. Task managers, calendars, and video conference tools. Zoom is not the only player and will see a lot of competition. Microsoft Teams is just a recent example.
  2. Telemedicine—HIPAA-compliant tools are a must. Telemedicine will become even more advanced, and with the help of IoT devices, you will  not only speak with the doctor but also do tests, check vitals signs, and transmit stats directly to your doctor. Medical devices will see faster FDA approval and  become cheaper. Virtually any device will be below $200.
  3. Smart Cities—This is the purpose of 5G. Not just for video streaming, but  to allow smart cars to communicate with each other as well as to infrastructure objects. Imagine collision-free driving without traffic-lights! 
  4. Robotic delivery and manufacturing—Drone delivery is already a reality in some areas. Singapore has  been using this tech for a long time.. Drones will bear heavier loads and create cost-efficient deliveries during high demand.
  5. Gaming—There will be an increase in more immersive games, both VR and AR. We must be very careful as this can cause brain dysfunction and mental illness in children.
  6. Life science —One of the biggest and most important trends will be genome and DNA research. Our advanced tech is only relevant if the human race lives.So genome research is extremely important.
  7. Biotech—A trend of the last 2 years, this field will grow exponentially. As earth’s environment continues to change, we will rely on biotech increasingly for food production and the creation of medicine.

These are the industry trends that will see increases in automation as they explode over the next decade.

So ask yourself, how can your business benefit, adapt, and stay relevant?

Remember, many entrepreneurs have pivoted from their old industries to create new ones. 

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