AJProTech will be hosting the #TechWeek event in Los Angeles

AJProTech will be hosting the #TechWeek event in Los Angeles

9th June, 2023, Los Angeles

The future of hardware starts here! Los Angeles is set to welcome the brightest minds from the tech and hardware industries this season. Join the discussion on “Hardware Products Worth Creating: From Concept to Launch”, and network with the brightest hard tech experts in the consumer electronics industry at #TechWeek LA.

Meet our co-hosts:

Product development (AJProTech, Alex Gudilko)

Contract manufacturing (SEACOMP, Terry Arbaugh)

Consumer electronics products (Data Garden, Alexandra Suarez; MELOSCENE, Chad Gerber)

AJProTech will be hosting the #TechWeek event in Los Angeles

You’ll journey through all stages of the hardware production life-cycle, from early ideation to distribution, to get the advice, support, and strategies needed to get your product to market faster and smarter. No matter your field – consumer electronics, IoT, aerospace, robotics, or industrial machinery – you’re sure to walk away connected to a network of experts and the resources necessary to turn your dreams into reality. #TechWeek LA is the perfect opportunity to learn from the experts and get the support you need to bring your hardware product to life. Don’t miss your chance to be part of the conversation on turning groundbreaking ideas into revolutionary consumer electronics products. Get ready to launch your product and talk about hardware!



Here are some of the topics that will be covered at #TechWeek LA:

  • How to come up with a winning hardware product idea
  • The importance of market research and validation
  • The different stages of hardware product development
  • The challenges of manufacturing and getting your product to market
  • How to raise capital and build a team
  • The future of hardware and the trends to watch

Product development

The product development process is the journey from a concept to a finished product. It can be a long and complex process, but it is essential to get it right. The first step in the product development process is to come up with a winning idea. This means identifying a need in the market and developing a product that solves that need. Once you have a winning idea, you need to conduct market research to validate your idea and determine the size of the market. You also need to develop a prototype to test your product and get feedback from potential users.

Contract manufacturing

Contract manufacturing is a process where a company hires another company to manufacture its products. This is a popular option for startups and small businesses because it allows them to outsource the manufacturing process and focus on their core competencies. Learn more about how to manufacture your first product and avoid common mistakes when selecting a contract manufacturer.

Consumer electronics products

The consumer electronics industry is rapidly growing, and there are many opportunities for startups and small businesses to get involved. The future of hardware is bright. The industry is constantly evolving, and there are new and innovative products being developed all the time. Some of the trends to watch in the future of hardware include artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and virtual reality. These technologies are having a major impact on the hardware industry, and they are only going to become more important in the years to come.

If you are interested in the future of hardware, then #TechWeek LA is the perfect event for you. Come and learn from the experts and get the support you need to bring your hardware product to life. Register today and become a part of the discussion!

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