4 Top trends in iot devices in 2020

4 Top trends in iot devices in 2020

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The Internet of Things (IoT) continues to shape the world of technology. It has shed the elusive sci-fi implications that encircled it at its origin to become a source of real-life uses with transformative potential.

Here are top 4 trends that are defining the IoT sphere in 2020.


Big Data and AI are ruling the technology space all over the world. According to a report by Gartner, the year 2020 is expected to witness 14.2 billion connected things. And, this total is estimated to reach 25 billion by 2021, resulting in a huge data volume.

Data is the resource that fuels IoT. It empowers businesses to make good decisions about merchandises, services, workforces, policies and more. With this huge amount of data produced from IoT devices, companies are looking to implement technologies that can support them with data analysis.

This is where AI and Big Data step in. Organizations are applying these technologies to an extensive range of IoT information, such as videos, images, speech, network traffic activity and sensor data to make better sense of their data.



A number of businesses today depend on cloud systems to store their information. However, expenditures for such services can be substantial and cloud storage also needs a lot of bandwidth while retrieving data.  So, in 2020, companies are in the hunt for new cloud infrastructure that’s an ideal combination of a public cloud, a private cloud and a private data center.

This has paved way for multi-cloud systems, also called connected clouds that are becoming popular to satisfy corporations’ needs every time they want seamless cloud storage, secure networking, or streamlined app utilization.


Another trend changing the game of IoT devices in 2020 is the digital twin technology, also called hybrid twin or virtual prototyping.

It refers to a computer-generated replica of a real-life artefact, asset, procedure, or system that can be used to perform a particular function. It’s a mock-up tool that uses AI, machine learning, and the IoT to enhance companies’ experience by restructuring digital data processes.


4. 5G

The impending generation of cellular networks, 5G is probable to attract attention in the IoT space this year by improving energy consumption, bandwidth, latency, connection density, working cost, quality of service and range.

According to a survey by Ericsson, a whopping 92% of officials from 100 chief telecom operators all over the world consent that 5G will pave the way for new developing technologies.

While 2018 was the era of fixed 5G applications, the year 2020 is expected to embrace 5G in mobile devices which will definitely change the IoT landscape.


As IoT is becoming not only a technological but also a social marvel, altering our perception of devices around us and the environment we dwell in, the top 4 trends discussed in this article address the intersection of machine and the human realms.

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