Studies have established that constant exposure to loud and high-pitched sounds for a prolonged period of time can damage hearing. Certain people are more prone to this type of hearing loss as an occupational hazard. But, how much exposure to sound is too much? The National Institution for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), a US Federal agency, places more than 85 decibels of sound for more than 8 hours a day as too much sound exposure.

  While there are many things that can end up being a health threat, there are certain jobs that have hearing loss as an occupational hazard. Manufacturing, construction, night life, military and farming industries are list toppers in jobs that expose people to prolonged periods of more than 85 decibels of sound. NIOSH studies indicate that 22 million people are affected by more than 85 decibels of sound for prolonged periods at their workplace. So, people in these industries, in particular, need to combat hearing loss with noise cancellation technology.


Noise cancellation technology uses active and passive noise control to protect your ears. While active noise control manages high and low frequency sounds, passive noise control manages sound with soundproofing techniques. Long story short, noise cancellation technology works towards the reduction of high decibel noises that can cause hearing damage. As a result, noise cancellation technology is a great option to mitigate workplace related hearing damage.

  Though this is more of a potential hazard of some industries, there are engineers at AJProtech that can help you to develop the exact set of headphones that suits your need. Have a look at this set of Industrial Safety Headphones that we have developed for our client. Protective headphones are an innovation to tackle this problem. The robust design of these headphones tackles constant loud and high-pitched from affecting the ears of people exposed to high decibel sounds.

Industrial Safety Headphones

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