NVIDIA-powered Solutions

AJProTech is at the forefront of developing advanced solutions that blend Computer Vision and Machine Learning technologies, focusing on leveraging the unparalleled processing power of the NVIDIA Jetson™ platform. Our expertise doesn’t stop at software. We design and manufacture custom hardware (carrier boards), and use NVIDIA Jetson™ technologies in our hardware solutions for clients.

Empowering Computer Vision: Dive deep into our Computer Vision capabilities here. Find out more about how we utilize cutting-edge tools and techniques to solve complex problems in the Computer Vision domain.

AJProTech Custom carrier boards powered by NVIDIA Jetson™ :

 Take a closer look at our tailor-made carrier boards powered by NVIDIA Jetson™. Our bespoke boards are designed with precision to accommodate specific project requirements, ensuring flexibility and robustness.

  • Explore our custom carrier board powered by NVIDIA Orin NX™.
  • Discover our carrier board based on NVIDIA Jetson™. Featuring extensive details, case studies, and the opportunity to delve into the technical specifications, this project emphasizes our capability in delivering high-quality, custom solutions.

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We’re proud to showcase our projects powered by the NVIDIA Jetson Platform that have made a significant impact:


Worldcoin ORB

Revolutionizing the way athletes train with
AI-driven, interactive smart basketball backboard.


Contributing to the creation of a futuristic identification system.


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