Nvidia Orin NX

Nvidia Orin NX
Carrier board





Hardware Engineering
Embedded Firmware



Custom Hardware and Firmware design for Carrier Boards supporting NVIDIA Jetson Orin NX and NVIDIA Jetson Orin Nano.

In the course of this project, AJProTech engineers developed custom carrier boards for the NVIDIA family, performed hardware validation, and initiated the production of cost-efficient carrier boards.

Nvidia Orin NX
Nvidia Orin NX
ORION hardware
ORION hardware

hardware design

In this project the processing power of NVIDIA family modules was utilized to handle three video streams from Intel RealSense D430 camera modules. Lower production cost of PCBA and required form-factor enabled better supply chain and product integration.


During Prototyping phase the PCB has been assembled, tested, and validated.

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The codebase developed during this project included

  • Achieved 50% reduction in production cost at 2,000+ unit batch compared to off-the-shelf carrier boards
  • Stress-tests for the board and the cameras
  • Machine learning benchmarks relevant to the project scope
  • Computer vision algorithms for object tracking
  • A number of scripts have been developed to automate new board setup during production of the end devices
NVIDIA Nvidia Orin NX Carrier Board

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