EEG Device
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The device is created to improve the meditation of the user by sensing user’s brainwaves. Using advanced neurofeedback technology you quickly train your brain to access higher states of consciousness.

Every brain is different. So depending on your brain map, prior meditative/neurofeedback experience, and your goals you’ll train powerful brainwave states such as Alpha, Theta, Gamma and Delta.

EEG Device
EEG Device
EEG Device
Dave Asprey

Dave Asprey

40 Years of Zen
I worked with AJProTech to implement a ruggedized version of a brain-reading device. That was a lot of work to do! Working with the team has been a dream. What I found was they were easy to work with, they got it done fast, and it works. I’m using this on billionaires to read their brain waves and make their brains better. Thank you, AJProTech!
EEG Device EEG Device

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