AJProTech joins NVIDIA Partner Network

AJProTech joins NVIDIA Partner Network

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We are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership with NVIDIA, a move destined to redefine the landscape of IoT development through the integration of NVIDIA’s Jetson and Orin computing platforms. This collaboration underscores our shared commitment to propelling the frontier of IoT device capabilities, particularly in the realms of machine learning (ML) and computer vision (CV). Recognizing the challenges this presents in terms of privacy considerations and ongoing costs, AJProTech and NVIDIA’s partnership heralds a shift towards a more sustainable and privacy-conscious approach.

AJProTech joins NVIDIA Partner Network

The NVIDIA Partner Network (NPN) comprises leading independent software vendors (ISVs), hardware companies, cloud service providers (CSPs), and channel partners. These collaborators specialize in areas such as artificial intelligence (AI), deep learning, high-performance computing (HPC), and data analytics. Together, they are dedicated to driving forward the next generation of computing innovations. Through this network, partners gain access to cutting-edge technology, resources, and expertise from NVIDIA, fostering a collaborative environment aimed at pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in computing.

Engineering the Future

In the evolution of IoT devices, embedding Computer Vision functionalities has emerged as a quintessential feature, necessitating robust processing capabilities to decipher video streams in real-time. Traditional approaches have leaned heavily on cloud computing infrastructures, prized for their expansive compute resources. Yet, this reliance invariably introduces complexities including increased latency, potential data privacy risks, and substantial ongoing costs associated with cloud services.

Transitioning to Edge: The Impact of NVIDIA’s Jetson & Orin Modules

NVIDIA’s Jetson modules mark a significant technological leap towards local edge processing, effectively minimizing privacy and latency concerns by enabling on-device video data processing. This edge computing approach eradicates the necessity for data transmission to distant cloud servers, presenting a paradigm shift in how data privacy and processing efficiency are achieved. Moreover, the introduction of NVIDIA Orin modules extends these capabilities, targeting an even broader spectrum of IoT applications with their enhanced processing cores tailored for ML and CV tasks.

AJProTech Custom carrier boards powered by NVIDIA Jetson™ :

AJProTech joins NVIDIA Partner Network
AJProTech joins NVIDIA Partner Network

Integration Expertise at the Forefront

At AJProTech, our enthusiasm for this partnership stems from a deep-seated commitment to integrating NVIDIA’s cutting-edge Orin modules across diverse IoT use cases. Our expertise envelopes a wide range of disciplines including electrical engineering for system design, mechanical engineering for durable and efficient physical configurations, alongside specialized skills in computer vision algorithm development. This comprehensive suite of services ensures a seamless merger of NVIDIA’s technology within the IoT ecosystem.

AJProTech is dedicating resources to the custom development of carrier boards compatible with both Orin and Jetson modules. This initiative not only facilitates a modular approach to IoT device design but also showcases our capacity to deliver bespoke solutions tailored to the intricate needs of specific applications in consumer electronics, industrial IoT, and robotics.

Engineering IoT’s Next Chapter

This partnership is predicated on a vision where the power of machine learning and computer vision become central pillars in the development of next-generation IoT devices. With NVIDIA’s advanced computing platforms and AJProTech’s comprehensive engineering and integration capabilities, we are setting the stage for a new era of IoT innovation.

  • Explore our custom carrier board powered by NVIDIA Orin NX™.
  • Discover our carrier board based on NVIDIA Jetson™. Featuring extensive details, case studies, and the opportunity to delve into the technical specifications, this project emphasizes our capability in delivering high-quality, custom solutions.

We invite the engineering community, product developers, and IoT innovators to join us as we embark on this exciting journey. Through this collaboration, we are not just engineering smarter devices but are paving the way for those future generations of IoT applications that will redefine the interaction between technology and the real world.

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