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2021 – 2022


Musicians aspire to overcome the barriers of time and distance, to connect, create, and inspire on a global scale. The stage is set for disruption, and the industry awaits its evolution with bated breath. Distance poses a significant challenge for musicians. The inability to physically collaborate and rehearse with band members or fellow musicians can hinder the creative process.


Meloscene is an innovative startup that has joined forces with AJProTech to pioneer a groundbreaking venture in the music industry. This exciting collaboration has brought together the expertise of both companies, leveraging AJProTech’s cutting-edge virtual reality technology with Meloscene’s deep understanding of the music landscape. The result is a VR platform Meloscene SceneKey  that seamlessly blends the world of music with immersive virtual reality, unlocking a new realm of creative possibilities.


The Scenekey  is a module and a virtual platform for organizing the space and tools for creating, recording, and performing music. The module includes a sound recording and processing device. AJProTech created Meloscene, the first ever virtual platform that enables musicians to record and perform music. Through the Meloscene SceneKey platform, music creators can delve into virtual studios,collaborating with

fellow artists from anywhere in the world. This innovative platform opens up limitless possibilities for musicians to create, share,monetize and connect with their audiences. Removing the barriers between musicians and their fans offers an unparalleled opportunity to streamline and monetize all facets of VR music creation and consumption.


Meloscene Scenekey
Step into the future of artistic collaboration and unite with creators worldwide
Meloscene Scenekey
Utilize modern tech and fully uncover an uncompromised audio quality
Meloscene Scenekey
DAW-ignorant virtual space with ability to connect your favorite instruments
Meloscene Scenekey
Ease of Use
User-friendly design that requires no complex setup or technical know-how


  • Integrated Digital Audio Workstation
  • Provides opportunities for users to earn income.
  • Facilitates & streamlines real-time music collaboration.
  • Offers fans unprecedented access to their favorite artists.
  • First social platform based on creative arts
Meloscene Scenekey

MELOSCENE featured in BBC

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SceneKey draws inspiration from the tactile legacy of guitar-interface sound cards, meticulously crafted from premium metals to evoke a sense of authenticity and control. The luminous glow imbues the product with a touch of visual splendor, fostering an atmosphere conducive to boundless creative expression. SceneKey seamlessly merges modern technology with artistic expression, empowering musicians to compose and perform with real-time instruments and experience an unparalleled range of sensations through the Oculus and cutting-edge controllers. As an award-winning device, it has earned its place as the go-to tool for musicians of all genres, setting a new standard in the industry for innovation, design, and functionality. This sleek device features a stylish metal body that not only exudes authenticity but also provides a durable and reliable platform for recording from anywhere.

vTime XR

Avatar, room visuals & customization options are the most on par with what we are looking for.

Big Screen

Apartment space, fluid ability to socialize with other users, physics, menus/UI, varying spaces.

Alt Space VR

Menus/UI for events, live music, & performance, event spaces, ease of use to set up events & preview event space.


Hand tracking, space layouts, concept of collaboration on projects, pushing buttons for workstation.

Rec Room

Personal spaces, digital goods for avatar & space, scheduled events.


SceneKey’s enclosure is designed to be both aesthetically pleasing and functionally superior. Here’s a breakdown of the key design considerations:

1. Merging Style and Performance:

  • Premium Materials: The enclosure is crafted from high-quality metals, creating a visually striking and sophisticated look that resonates with musicians.
  • Compact Design: The unit maintains a small footprint while delivering competitive performance, ensuring efficient use of space.

2. Prioritizing Silent Operation:

  • Optimized Airflow: A meticulously designed airflow system utilizes a single fan to efficiently cool all critical components, achieving silent operation. This is essential for minimizing distractions during creative processes.

3. Ease of Manufacturing:

  • Modular Frame: The enclosure utilizes a three-part metal frame for simple assembly, streamlining the manufacturing process.

4. Aesthetic Details:

  • Integrated RGB Ring: A subtle RGB ring on the top cover adds a touch of visual flair, further enhancing the overall design.


MELOSCENE prioritizes a balance of compact size and robust performance. Here’s a look at the key hardware choices:

1. Compact Powerhouse:

  • Mini-ITX Motherboard: A mini-ITX motherboard on the AM4 socket is selected for its small form factor while still offering powerful computing capabilities.
  • Power-Efficient Processor: A power-efficient AMD Ryzen 5 processor is chosen to deliver the necessary processing power for VR music composition while maintaining a compact thermal footprint.

2. Uncompromised Audio:

  • Professional Sound Card: Integration of a professional-grade sound card for high-fidelity audio output and clear recording capabilities, crucial for musicians.

3. Seamless Connectivity:

  • Comprehensive Connectivity Options: The design incorporates ample wired and wireless connectivity options.This allows musicians to easily connect their VR headsets for a seamless VR experience, and ensures reliable online collaboration through a robust wireless connection.


Meloscene is the world’s first VR music creation platform. It seamlessly blends the power of Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) with the immersive world of virtual reality. It offers a revolutionary approach to music creation, unlocking a world of possibilities for music professionals. Work together in real-time with fellow musicians, producers, and engineers, regardless of location. Meloscene brings remote studios to life. Experience the power of VR collaboration and unleash your creative potential.

SceneKey is perfect for:

  • Producers
  • Recording Artists
  • Songwriters
  • Mixing Engineers

1. VR-Enabled DAW Interface:

Utilizing BigScreen VR technology, the platform constructs a virtual studio environment where users can operate a VR-rendered interface of their preferred DAW.

2. Real-Time Collaborative Environment:

  • Adjacent to the DAW interface, a specialized file-sharing panel is implemented for efficient exchange of audio files and project components.
  • This feature supports a dynamic workflow allowing multiple users to engage in the same session, sharing and modifying content seamlessly within the VR space.

3. Decentralized File Sharing Protocol:

Peer-to-peer, torrent-based file.

Product Demo


  • Interface Connection: plug the musical instrument or microphone directly into the device. This interface is designed to be universal, accommodating a wide range of instruments and microphones.
  • VR Headset Integration: After the instrument or microphone is connected, the next step involves connecting the Meloscene Scenekey interface to a VR headset. This integration is seamless, designed to work with popular VR devices, providing a smooth transition into a virtual environment.
  • Entering the Virtual Studio: Once the VR headset is on and running, musicians find themselves in a fully immersive virtual recording studio. This studio is not just a visual experience but is interactive, allowing artists to control recording, editing, and producing processes within the VR environment.
  • Recording and Streaming: With the instrument or microphone connected, start recording music directly into the digital audio workstation (DAW) software housed within the Meloscene Scenekey system. This interface goes beyond traditional recording, offering live streaming capabilities. Musicians can perform live while simultaneously recording, offering limitless opportunities for live shows, sessions, and collaborations in real-time.
  • Editing and Producing: The Meloscene Scenekey comes with integrated DAW software, eliminating the need for external computer-based software. This built-in DAW allows musicians to edit, mix, and produce their music without ever leaving the VR environment. It comes packed with features found in professional DAW applications, including a wide range of plug-ins, effects, and virtual instruments.
  • Accessibility and Ease of Use: One of the standout features of the Meloscene Scenekey is its user-friendly design. It requires no complex setup or technical know-how, making it accessible to both amateur enthusiasts and professional musicians. The intuitive VR interface guides users through the process, from setup to final production, ensuring a smooth workflow.
  • Immersive Creative Process: By leveraging VR technology, Meloscene Scenekey provides an unparalleled creative experience. Musicians can immerse themselves in a distraction-free environment, focusing entirely on their music. The virtual studio offers spatial audio, adding another layer of depth to the recording and mixing process, allowing artists to perceive their music in a way that’s not possible in a typical studio setting.


We built the total of four EVT prototypes of Scenekey devices, set them up and tested under heavy loads for many hours. The key focus was the stability of operation, wireless performance, silent operation, and usability.


  • CES 2023 Showcase: Meloscene Scenekey was demonstrated at CES2023, attracting significant attention and user engagement from audience
  • Media Feature: BBC acknowledged the breakthrough innovation and impact of the Scenekey, featuring it in an exclusive video segment.
Meloscene Scenekey


CEO Meloscene about working with AJProTech:

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🎨 The creative and collaborative processes in AJProTech

🗂️ Overall experience with AJProTech

Chad Gerber, CVO and Founder of Meloscene

Meloscene Scenekey


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