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The Challenge

Climate tech has been the same for a long period of time for our fast time. You have to cool or heat a whole room if you feel uncomfortable. But it might take a lot of electricity to keep a comfortable temperature for a long time.

There are some new ideas in this sphere lately like heated sheets and blankets. But what if you are feeling too much heat? Usually, the answer is - you have to cool the entire room or use low-effective fans.

A device that could keep comfort under your blanket only, silent enough, and power effective could be an answer to all those issues above.


AJProTech has been hired by the small startup (currently under NDA) for the purpose of developing this idea into a disruptive product.

AJProTech team eagerly accepted this challenging assignment due to our extensive knowledge of consumer electronics and led the mechanical and electrical design. Our team due to vast experience has managed to achieve all stated goals and prepare a few prototypes for the client.



The BreezyBud Bed Fan is an ultra-quiet bed cooling/heating fan designed to keep you cool and warm all night for a comfortable sleep.

This bedside fan directs the airflow to effectively move hot air away from your body and out of your bed. It replaces the hot air with cool air to cool down your sheets and cool air with hot air to warm up your sheets.

It combats temperature swings and stabilizes your temperature with a cool/hot breeze respectively while you sleep for a deeper and more relaxed sleep



bed fan cool air
bed fan hot air


Combats temperature swings and stabilize temperature by replacing hot air with cool air to cool down your sheets

Combats temperature swings and stabilize temperature by replacing cool air with warm air to warm up your sheets



cool air to your sheets







The BreezyBud bed fan Cooling System is guaranteed to provide a neat and simple solution to stop night sweats. It works with a brushless motor which runs quieter, cooler, and lasts longer. It conserves a lot of energy and helps hot sleepers sleep cooler and deeper at night, without having to increase the cost of their air conditioning bills.


the breezybud bed fan cooling system


adjustment of the windbreak




IEasy and convenient to adjust breeze bar that can fit in a variety of beds and sizes of mattresses even in ultra-thick mattresses




Comes with a wireless remote that makes it easy and convenient for hot sleepers to sleep cooler and deeper at night

wireless remote



bed fan how it works

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