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The Challenge

Data and statistics mean so much in the modern world that any company must be able to capture and analyze any data to thrive and prosper. To keep track of data, a number of devices are created every day. Despite their limitations, visitor tracking systems have existed for a long time in retail but are usually non-transferable based on lasers or other intermittent tracking systems. A lot of times, it's artificial intelligence cameras, which aren't always as accurate.

A device that is reliable, transportable, accurate in statistics, and connected to a cloud server is a logical, albeit challenging, step.


AJProTech partnered with Scanalytics, an emerging U.S. provider of occupancy tracking data, to create a portable Floor Sensor Mat for retail, offices, and commercial buildings.

Integrated inside a durable rubber mats, floor sensors can be deployed in a variety of flooring types. Floor sensors capture up to 100% of foot traffic through spaces. Capturing individual foot steps and the paths they form, software is able to monitor and analyze complete space movements and usage. Low power consumption, high capacity battery, and efficient wireless LORA interface allow for months of maintenance-free operation.

AJProTech created a long range IoT device with robust waterproof design, developed embedded firmware, and optimized design for low EMI. 

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