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Smart devices require a mind of their own

Firmware design is a fundamental building block of the development of any device that involves microcontrollers. They are the piece of software that are stored in the flash memory of the device, being responsible for the most of the operations and processes within the application. These processes include communication protocols, signal processing, task scheduling, sensor/transducer management, and time tracking. In other words, the firmware is the mind behind the hardware. The AJProTech team consists of highly-skilled and creative firmware developers that pursue the goal of creating the best possible and most innovative product based on the client requirements.

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We transform requirements into products

AJProTech development team is trained to comply with the requirements of your market, designing products that are tightly aligned with your customer’s needs. By paying attention to these requirements, we can focus our efforts on the right targets and design each function with great precision and robustness to prevent possible bugs and errors. To do that, we define a list of performance and functional requirements with the client, ruling out any unwanted or redundant features before the design process begins.

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C++ code is stored in our Git repository

GitHub is the most popular decentralized code repository site. Having the same source code allows our teams to collaborate without stumbling over one another. File version history keeps track of any changes we make to your files. Your code will run smoothly even if you roll back your source code to a previous point in history.

All code is ready for Over-the-Air Firmware updates

IoT systems need over-the-air firmware updates to function correctly. Over-the-air firmware updates refer to the process of updating embedded software remotely. An IoT device cloud, IoT hardware, and microcontroller firmware must work together for OTA updates to be successful.

We work with all major MCUs: TI, STM32, ESP32, NXP, Atmel

A microcontroller is arguably the most critical component of your product. Switching microcontrollers mid-project can be a serious headache, so ensure you make the right choice from the beginning. Our diverse portfolio of 16- and 32-bit microcontrollers makes this task easier.

Processor Processor

We use Altera and Xilinx SoC FPGAs

Our robust and compact microcontroller firmware designs are completed faster and easier with top-of-the-line System-on-Chip Field-Programmable Gate Arrays (SoC FPGAs). This combines high-performance and low power consumption in a convenient development platform for hardware debugging and prototyping.

We rely on RTL design with Verilog and VHDL languages

To bring your bare metal to life and to model your microcontroller firmware, we use a register-transfer level (RTL) design to test, validate, and simulate the prototype circuitry and create the micro-architecture of different digital blocks.

Jetson Nano and Jetson Xavier

For compact edge computers built with advanced AI-embedded systems, AJProTech relies on Jetson Nano for developing highly accurate pre-trained models from TAO Toolkit and deploying with DeepStream. Robots, drones, and other autonomous machines can be prototyped quickly and easily with Jetson Xavier Developer Kit.

Our Expertise Our Expertise

Our Expertise

Our development team is specialized in C/C++ coding for ARM Cortex M3/M4 microcontrollers. This expertise allows us to remove one space work with a large variety of applications, development boards, and SoCs, which significantly reduces the time to market. Also, our team has large expertise in wireless communications protocols, including BLE 5.2 and WiFi. We use AES encryption to ensure maximum security. We also have a great experience with embedded digital signal processing (DSP) functions, including filtering, averaging, over-sampling, and harmonics extraction.

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Our Test Routine Our Test Routine

Our Test Routine

The key parameters for firmware success are code optimization, minimization of memory requirements, and thorough testing before release. By extensively covering our code with test-cases we improve the reliability of the code, ensure great user experience and minimize the need for future hotfixes and updates.
At AJProTech, we spend a significant amount of time testing the firmware with our development team, using high-end debugging frameworks to exhaustively put our code to the test in a variety of scenarios.

Code optimization Code optimization

Code optimization is not an option, it’s a rule

The code memory in most microcontrollers is significantly limited, especially when dealing with strict constraints in both size and power. Thus, code optimization is fundamental to extract the most of the hardware features without oversizing the memory requirements. Moreover, the embedded device is often required to respond quickly to sensor stimulus, such as in VR headsets and other real-time applications. In these cases, the microcontroller cannot afford unnecessary clock cycles, as they can add significant latency to the process. Decreasing the number of clock cycles also saves energy, increasing the autonomy of battery-powered devices. Therefore, the AJProTech development team applies code optimization techniques in all stages of the design chain.

versions and upgrades versions and upgrades

Keeping track of versions and upgrades

AJProTech team uses online repositories for version control and management, which allows you to keep track of the latest updates and releases. Also, you are welcome to request any desired feature or bug correction to your firmware, and our development team will analyze and implement the best solution for your needs. Furthermore, here at AJProtech we know how difficult it is to change third-party code. To make your life easier, our code is well commented and distributed over a hierarchically organized set of files, greatly facilitating any modifications by the user or the community (in the case of open-source firmware.)

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