What are IoT devices?

Simply, they are internet-connected smart devices intended to be used in everyday life...

And they are VERY popular.

In fact, by 2021 it’s projected that there will be 31 BILLION IoT devices in use worldwide!

But what is the real value of these devices, and why is IoT one of the most important breakthroughs this decade?

Let me explain.

IoT devices can collect new types of data that were never considered before.

While IT companies know your internet habits and search history, IoT devices know things like...


  • How your heart beats in specific scenarios
  • How you walk or any posture issues
  • How you sit and if a chair is good for your back
  • Your sleeping patterns


And so, so much more.

All these new data types mean that there is tremendous potential for human benefit!

The collection of meaningful data is the end game of IoT.

This way, that data can be analyzed with machine learning, and new ways to serve customers can be created.

IoT devices give users new ways to interact with information.

When used properly, and with the respect of privacy, it has the potential to change the way humanity lives for the better.

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