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2019 - 2020

The Challenge

With the growth of the number of vehicles, there are so few parking aces in big cities. There are solutions to this issue - multilevel parking slots.

An overwhelming majority of those solutions are manual - they can only move up and down and if you'd like to get the car from the upper level - you need to unpark the bottom one that's underneath yours. There are a small number of automatic solutions from German manufacturers, but they are more expensive and if at least several systems are needed, it already makes financial sense to make your own system.

It can be better, cheaper and bring the most value to the people and big cities. Here at AJProTech we know how to make all this into reality.

The Solution

In collaboration with the MAP Group, a well-known New York parking operator, we have developed a semi-automatic multi-level parking system. It is a modular two-level system that allows you to park up to 13 cars on 2 levels.

The developed solution allows residents of residential areas in Manhattan with a minimum occupied area, to park and pick up cars on their own, or significantly speed up the work for valet parking personnel.


13 Parking Spaces
Front and Rear Parking
Indoor and Outdoor Use
Convenient Automated Control Panel
Permissible Car Weight up to 3 Tons
Remote Diagnostics & Updates
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Our approach

MAP Industry group already has a lot of parking solutions in their portfolio so they knew what they want to create:

  • Design a compact system that may be installed in tight spaces both indoors and outdoors
  • Optimize metal structures to provide a robust yet lightweight system
  • Create a modern user panel to park/retrieve cars with ease
  • Check supply chain, select Contract Manufacturer, and oversee production of the first batch

From the start of this project, AJProTech had an ambitious goal - to make it possible that each car could be retrieved without disturbing others by pressing one button.


Robust Mechanical Design is the foundation of this project. From beginning, we needed lightweight yet very secure metal structures that can withstand weight of 13 cars or SUVs: 26,000 kg / 57,000 lbs!

It all started with detalied calculations of required metal profiles, Rigidity calculations, and Finite element analysis. Next, movement mechanism very selected. Horizontal movement is done with electrical motors and vertical lift is done by hydraulics.

Mechanical engineers at AJProTech created a system using standard metal profiles and hardware. Mechanical structures can be cost-effectively produced with quantities from few samples to several thousand units.

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Hydraulics lift mechanism

Hydraulics has traditionally been one of the most efficient ways to lift heavy weights in industrial applications. Single Pump is sufficient to move all the platforms up and down. Integrated high-pressure Hydraulics lines deliver compresed oil to each unit that moves car platforms up and down.

Additional safety measures are taken to ensure safety in case of hydraulics mechanism failure: preemptive maintenance sensors, backup mechanical lock to block the lift mechanism, etc.

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OUTDOOR Installation

Robust & weather-proof solution to last for years with minimal maintenance.

Designed to fit most commercial parking lots with 685 inches length, 244 inches width & minimize car retrieval time.

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INDOOR Installation

Space saving design 190 inches high allowing to fit even in most tight parking lots with minimal height. Ideal for residential apartment complexes and office buildings. Multiple stackers can be installed on a parking lot to maximize space utilization.

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At AJProTech, we have a proven process designing robust industrial electronics hardware. Starting with system architecture and components selection, we reliably produce future-proof electrical designs.

Heart of the system is Simatic HMI panel from Siemens. Controller generates commands for 7 electric motors, 7 hydralics systems, collects feedback from sensors (current, voltage, temperature, pressure), and provide essential safety functions.

Controller provides touchscreen User Interface and allows remote system monitoring and updates with built-in LTE connectivity.

All electronics components and cables are housed in a weather-proof cabinet. Aside from power supplies, relays, fuses, and terminal blocks, a number of custom PCBs were designed and built specifically for this system.

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Heart of the system is Simatic HMI panel from Siemens. Controller provides easy-to-use touchscreen User Interface and essential safery features.

  • Minimalistic UI allows operation by either valet personnel or drivers without special skills.
  • System gives one-click access to park or retrieve any car: user selects the slot number and automatic system will clear the space underneath and lower the top platform.
  • Parking spots can be filled either on first come - first serve basis or with assigned parking spots.
  • Remote system monitoring and updates are possible with built-in LTE connectivity.


Control panel with touchpad allows drivers to park and retrieve their vehicles. Each car on any level can be retrieved at any time by pressing a single button on control panel. Automation does the rest.
When driver need to retrieve a car from upper level, system moves the lower level platform so that there is free space under the required platform.
Next, top-level platform is lowered. No special knowledge or valet personnel required.
Driver enters the car and drives away.


Multiple stackers can be installed on a parkinglot to maximize space utilization
Any car can be accessed individually thanks to automated system
Intended to be operated by drivers without dedicated valet service


Increase parking capacity by 90% and install even in tight spaces. Sedans and SUVs can be parked


Multi level parking reduces land cost. Does not need valet personnel on site


No need to do circles in tight spaces. Just pull the car to the platform in less than 30 seconds!


Cars are safely parked on the both levels. Nobody is driving next to your vehicle

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A set of documentation for manufacturing has been prepared in accordance with all international standards and all the details of the project were agreed upon for the production of the first series of systems at factories in North America and Europe.

Most systems are built for a specific project and the manufacturer must be able to adapt the modular system as well as change some of the components in the event of a metal or components shortage. The developed solution was handed over to our partners for production and further scaling.


MAP Industry Group added absolutely new Automated multi-level parking system to their line of products of parking solutions that previously had no systems with moving platforms. Innovative systems allow cities and apartment buildings to satisfy rising demand on parking slots with no need of expanding of parking territories.

Here at AJProTech we help solve some of the toughest problems across a wide range of industries and life through the innovative solutions.

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