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The Challenge

It is widely known that now we are living in an age of ridable technology and micro-mobility. A lot of different electric devices that you can put under your feet or between your legs and move much faster during the day.

Everyone knows about skateboards pretty much everything. What can we add to this? Invent the new wheel? 


AJProTech has partnered with a crowdfunded startup to reinvent the skateboard into a new age of riding tech.

Our engineers at AJProTech applied our extensive experience in hardware and firmware design to add smart even to common things like a skateboard. The best way here was to make everything at least a bit better than others. Add new direct drive brushless motors to each wheel that can give a lot of speed. Give them heavy-duty swappable batteries. And finish with a cool-looking design BLE remote to control the speed and the charge. 

AJProTech led mechanical and hardware engineering efforts to deliver final prototypes.
Project details are currently under NDA.

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