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The Challenge

Traditional Asian wellness practice, Chai Yok or VhiSteaming, has been shown to address many conditions including irregular periods, menopause, insomnia, prostate disorders, infertility, cysts and fibroids; all while detoxifying the Lymph system. However, very few spa and wellness centers in Western world offer this treatment due to the lack of appealing products. 


AJProTech partnered with Dose of Vhi, Manufacturer and Distributor of professional spa equipment, to build VhiSteam Throne - a revolutionary fusion of spa and wellness. A full-body hydrotherapy system that extracts the healing benefits of steam and the ancient art of Asian Medicine for a holistic approach to internal wellness and self-care. Combining the detoxifying benefits of steam and the restorative capabilities of True-Spectrum Infrared light therapy, Vhi Luxury Steaming System helps to relax the muscles, lessen stress and anxiety, and provide pain relief.

AJProTech led development of VhiSteaming system - from idea to production.

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